On how to start your week end... what will be my Friday drink?

June 15, 2018

After a long week all we want to do is head for a drink with friends. Forget about the week and unwind! What is your favourite drink on a Friday night? Many of us like to start with a pint at the pub the famous after work gathering where we can gossip about our colleagues and think about our exciting week end. But once you have headed home what are you going to open?


 Amelie and I decided to treat ourself to a Moutard champagne rose NV. I am lucky to snap good deals on online auctions and this was probably from the 70s. It kept its freshness, delicate mousse and the fruit was superb. Sometimes champagne rose can be to fruity in my opinion and all you get is a feeling of having a raspberry yogurt with foam.. not enticing! I used to love Gosset rose champagne but rediscovering it recently I thought I can do better.. so my heart goes to Moutard in this spring. Hope you have found your week end drink as well and enjoy your Friday! 





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