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To tell you about us...  

It's when Sophie started to study for her wine and spirit education trust level 3 degree that she had the idea to gather her friends in her living room and share a few bottles of wines. Initially the concept was to split the cost of delectable wines while sharing the expertise  to the club.

Starting with just 10 people the group quickly doubled which led moving the venues  from her living room to the gardens and houses of friends. After a couple of years we realised our community of 100 people was to big for our living rooms and we needed to find decent venues to accommodate us... that's when A taste of wine was born!

Sophie achieved her WSET diploma in 2018. She is passionate about tasting and helping people discover what they truly like. Wine education and discovering new terroir are her strong points. She will never let you back back home without making sure you had a good time and learnt something. 

Founder and wine educator

wine tasting
Sophie Jarry

Full of energy and a true optimist Amy is like a tornado with the charm of a model!

She is passionate about travels and wine and is always looking for new ideas would it be for tasting experiences or how to bring something different to our community.

Marketing manager and wine educator

wine tasting
Amy G.
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